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Open and distance learning:

Open and distance learning refers "to providing learning opportunities in an environment where there is a separation of teacher in time and/or place and learning is achieved through the use of a variety of media, including print and electronic media which requires specialized division of labour in the production of delivery of courses. Through out the learning period, two way communication is maintained allowing learners and tutors to interact with one another in occasional face-to-face meetings. Finally, the learning process and outcome are certified by means of evaluation by a specified institution or agency".    


Centre for Distance and Continuing Education offers following External degree programmes:

(a) Bachelor of Arts (General) - B.A. (General)

(b) Bachelor of Business Management (General) - B.B.Mgt (General)

(c) Bachelor of Commerce (Special) - B.Com. (Special) 

(d) Bachelor of Science (General) - B.Sc. (General)